Close more deals

  • Take control of the sales process from the start

  • Page level analytics on PDF attachments

  • As easy as sending an email

  • Get real-time feedback on every opportunity

Build a better sales experience

Be informed when following up with customers

Approach your customers with the right angle...

at the right time

  • Our algorithm provides a prioritized call list
  • Know what your prospect is interested in before picking up the phone


With Kneto you get:

Page level reporting on attached PDF files.
An alert when the mail was opened and when the link was clicked.
The device type used to view the PDF.
How many times the PDF was viewed and from what IP addresses.
A prioritized call list that tells you who is ready for your call.
No templates to set up. Use any PDF.
Send it to one person or 50.

How do Sales Managers use Kneto?

  • Predict Easy Wins - Make smarter decisions, faster, and save time with page level, detailed analytics on you PDFs.
  • Identify Risk - Identify prospects that are going to need more work to close.
  • Increase Productivity - Know who is ready for your follow up. Focus on the Hot ones.

Understand your customers' needs.

Problem: Face to face meetings are time consuming, you only have a limited amount of time to service the offers sent out. Without personal interaction you can’t sense and read your customer.
How do you prioritize?

Solution: Kneto gives you a new type of sense. Using the Kneto algorithm, you'll be able to tell if your e-mail recipient has more than a passing interest in your offer.
Employ Kneto to determine:

  • Are they comparison shopping?
  • Is the price important?
  • Do you need to change your offer in order to win it?

With Kneto, you'll learn a great deal about your customers' motivations and interests before you call them.

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